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A New Age coming?

January 22, 2012

“Galactic New Age Mayan 2012 Calendar 5126 Years End”

The title is the name of a calendar that I bought at a local used bookstore.  It was created by Ike Iksvaku from the Prasanna Yoga Institute in Redwood Valley, California (in Mendocino County, probably the heart of Ernest Callenbach’s Ecotopia, a green/countercultural nation-state born from seceding from the United States in 1999).

The calendar is a reminder that many people consider the year 2012 as some sort of Cosmic marker pointing to a fundamental shift in the human story.  December 21st is noted as the winter solstice AND as the end date for the 13 bactun.  In the box for December 22, the calendar reports “New Age Beginning”.  The calendar also references the end of what the Hindus have called the dark ages of the Kali Yuga, beginning a new Golden Age.  The calendar author, at the top of the January page, describes this as the “New Age of Homo-Luminous”.  

Being personally clueless regarding these subtle and Cosmic movements and forces, I have no idea how 2012 will unfold.  It will be fun collecting all the information on what others say will happen AS WELL as what they say about the meaning of what IS happening throughout this year.

Let’s begin with one of the most obvious resources to turn to, The Old Farmer’s Almanac for 2012:

“Almost everyone has heard this is a big year for the Mayan Calendar.  A film, dozens of books, numerous TV specials, and more than 1.2 million Web pages have been produced as a reminder that one of the three forms of the Mayan Calendar (specifically, the ‘long count’ version) turns a page on December 21.  That date is the start of the 14th b’ak’tun—a time of celebration, not doom, in Mayan culture.  Pop the corks!

Mesoamerican scholars insist that the Maya never regarded calendar year changes as apocalyptic.  Nonetheless, the doomsday peddlers claim that a great astronomical event will occur on December 21: The Sun will line up with the center of the galaxy.

Here is where astronomers fall off their chairs laughing.  The Sun’s path against the background zodiacal stars is precisely the same every year, and the Sun never lines up with the center of the galaxy.     Even if it did, so what?”

(BTW, that calendar I picked up recently and described above reports that “our galaxy will be moving through Andromeda’s Stellar Energy Cloud for the next 7,200 years”.  Perhaps some future edition of The Old Farmer’s Almanac will take note of this?  It strangely is not referenced in the current one, lol!)

In any event, this year is already up and running with some intriguing and odd story lines developing!  Why, just last night we saw Newt Gingrich levitating in South Carolina…..a byproduct, perhaps, of us now moving through Andromeda’s Stellar Energy Cloud?….could be!

This blog will simply be a journal of all and everything in 2012.  Framed as it is in the common mind by the Mayan long count calendar, there will be a look at all of that…..the sooner the better, I imagine, in order to help expose that which is put out there that is deluded and/or designed to exploit for money, power, and fame.  I saw a CNBC show recently called 2012 and therein they chronicled a wide variety of commercial operations exploiting survivalist fears and new age visions.  So, there will be a look at all that since so many have granted a lot of importance to this and thus have caused a noticeable cultural impact.

Right now, at the start of this year long journal, we can say a couple of things to ground the future examination of what many think will happen (based on the varieties of postings over recent years focused on something dramatic happening). There is only ONE surviving reference to what may happen on the date given as the end of this long count calender (as well as the end of the current stretch of 13 baktuns, a major thing in Maya scheme of things). There is an inscription at an archaeological site in Mexico, dating from around 650 CE, or over 1300 years ago. The inscription at Monument #6 at Tortuguero references an ancient Maya god, or perhaps a set of nine gods representing the underworld, returning (or as some recent scholarship suggests, going on display) on December 21 2012. Here is the Wikipedia article on Tortuguero Monument #6:

“Tortuguero (or El Tortuguero) is an archaeological site in southernmost Tabasco, Mexico which supported a Maya city during the Classic period. The site is noteworthy for its use of the B’aakal emblem glyph also found as the primary title at Palenque.[1] The site has been heavily damaged by looting and modern development;[2] in the 1960s, a cement factory was built directly on top of the site.

Most of the surviving monuments of Tortuguero come from the reign of B’alam Ajaw (“Jaguar Lord”) who ruled from 644 to 679. These record several victories over nearby states and may indicate that both his father and son were named Ik’ Muuy Muwahn.[3]

Monument 6 from Tortuguero is currently generating discussion as it includes the only known inscription depicting the end of the current 13-Bak’tun era in 2012.[4][5] Grube, Martin and Zender have stated[6] it refers to “the end of the 13th b’ahktun which we will see in the year 2012” and as to what will happen, they say, “…utom, “it will happen” (O4) followed by something that we cannot read (P4) and he “will descend” yem (O5). The last glyph begins with ta followed by something. However, this is not the end of the world.”

This happy interpretation is supported by Markus Eberl and Christian Prager. They identify the fragmentary word translated above as “descent” seems to be the same one used during building dedications. They also point to a panel on Temple XIV at Palenque, which shows that a positive event took place on July 29, 931,449 BCE involving a vision serpent named Sak Baak Na’ Chapat and his deity K’awiil, which was overseen by B’olon Yokte’ K’uh.[7]

Gillespie and Joyce[8] and also Houston and Stuart[9] have concurred that the inscription on Monument 6 concerns the god(s) Bolon Yokte’ K’uh – specifically “…a calendrical event in the early 21st century AD, at which time, apparently, the god may ‘descend’.” Stuart has recently given a more complete translation: “”The Thirteenth Bak’tun” will be finished (on) Four Ahaw, the Third of K’ank’in. ? will occur. (It will be) the descent(?) of the Nine Support (?) God(s) to the ?.”[10] Gronemeyer gives an epigraphic analysis and calendrical reconstruction of Monument 6 in his Master’s thesis,[11] with illustrations. It has been indicated that ‘Bolon Yokte’ K’Uh’ could refer to the 9 Lords of the Night who featured in both Aztec and Mayan calendars yet remained unnamed in the latter, as the Nine Lords of the Underworld were known as ‘Bolon ti ku’.[12]

Most recently, Gronemeyer and MacLeod[4] have scrutinized Monument 6 again and offer a new interpretation of the passage dealing with the 13-Bak’tun ending. According to them,[13] the inscription announces the witnessing of the deity Bolon Yokte’ K’uh who will be publicly displayed by the occasion of his investiture. By applying several linguistic and ethnographic parallels, this may happen by the enrobing and/or parading of an effigy of the said deity.”

Bolon Yokte K’uh… ancient Maya god related to creation and war, or name pointing to a set of gods from the underworld….that’s the only reference to this date in surviving footprints of the pre Columbian period. Bolon Yokte K’uh is referenced in texts written in the 16th and 17th Centuries, to describe Maya culture, etc., but the stories are not dated.

As you can see, from reading the above wikipedia article, what we have in the way of surviving material related to what will happen then is only this right now. The Spanish destroyed most everything and only a few codexes survive. A famous codex, “Dresden Codex”, has one vivid illustrated page which many have connected to 2012 prophecy, but the inverted crockodile shown spewing water that overwhelms people and lands is NOT connected to any particular date (in any surviving literature).

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