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CNBC on “Apocalypse 2012”

February 6, 2012

Last night I watched the CNBC re airing of “Apocalypse 2012”, an examination of the response of individuals, groups, and our culture to the end of the Mayan long count calendar of 5,126 years on December 21 2012.

While fairly recent religious groups, those headed by Elizabeth Claire Prophet and David Koresh were two examples given, have emphasized either some sort of pending end or entry into a new age, the current apocalyptic fever is more secularized, global, and nurtured and fueled by the Internet.

Dr. David Morrison, a space scientist from NASA’s Ames Center, observed that judging by his emails from many distressed people that there is “a convergence of perceived threats”:

~the return of an uncharted Planet X, or “Nibiru” (Sumerian reference), orbiting at a distance in a 3,600 year cycle. (At this stage, given the short time period left, this “scare” is clearly not going to manifest.)

~Solar flares. Morrison noted that there was nothing about the sun that posed a threat to people.

~Magnetic pole flip. Morrison doubts any impact to us in the event of the next flip happening.

But, at this early point in the year it is clear 2012 fever is strong. And, folks like Coast to Coast radio host George Noory are reporting
that the “2012 movement continues to grow” and that we are all in for a rough and wild roller coaster ride. Noory plans to be on air the night of December 21.

CNBC interviewed and profiled quite a few people who are engaged in various enterprises based on different takes on what specifically is supposed to happen.

One of these folks, Lawrence Joseph….author of “Apocalypse 2012”, noted in an initial interview that “our way of life is threatened seriously” and that we face a new birth mixed with joy and tears. His perceived threat was solar threats, which in a subsequent interview he saw still somewhat as a threat but not as seriously as earlier.

CNBC kept returning to Patrick Geryl to track the progress of his
effort, supported by investors who will populate his planned survivalist community in a location safe from 2000 meter high tidal waves. Patrick is from Belguim and reports that his has had nightmares for years of the coming of a massive tidal wave. He says this could be caused by solar flares reversing the earth’s rotation. His tie in to the Mayan prophecy is the last page of the famous Dresden Codex, clearly showing land and people being overwhelmed by water gushing from the mouth of a crocodile. But, as I noted in my previous article on this, no date is identified for this event. Geryl in the interview, though, said this graphic page from the Mayan codes was tied to The end of the long count calendar.

Thankfully the show DID identify the one and only surviving reference to what is to happen. This was discussed in my first article at this blog. CNBC had an archaeologist, Christopher Powell, show and explain the one Mayan inscription, from the Tortuguero site in Mexico, which he said translated basically as the “descending of the Nine support gods”

All sorts of planned and developing survivalist communities and homes were profiled. Pam Walters, promoting the return of Nibiru, prepared in West Virginia to bury underground shipping containers for safe sheltering. We already mentioned Patrick Geryl’s plans. Larry Hall’s looked the coolest of them all: a many leveled underground missle silo base, being developed into condos. One contractor, Brian Camden, openly said he thought all of this was bunk but he nevertheless was busy building bunkers for people AND businesses all over the world. And, Dennis McClung’s business was profiled in depth.

Peter Gersten, a lawyer living near Sedona and famous for dealing in cases involving UFOs and government coverrups, has some special plans for 11:11am on December 21 2012. He feels that we live in a massive computer program that will temporarily shut down at that moment and with the opening of a portal, he is going to take “a leap of faith through it” from Bell Rock near Sedona.

So…..we need to chronicle or follow what happens with all these folks! (Profiled on this CNBC show.)


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