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Already big excitement from the “real” and imaginal domains!

February 13, 2012

In tracking significant events on multiple fronts, I am learning of some very significant things happening.

There are major potential breakthroughs in our understanding the nature of reality, thanks to experiments at the Long Hadron Collider where high speed streams of protons traverse at higher energies in a nearly 27 kilometer underground circular (subnuclear) particle accelerator at the Swiss/French border.

That is just one major development in the “real” world.  This and other developing scientific story lines will be examined over the coming months.

There are also some incredible story lines going viral on the Internet. At the end of last year, people began posting videos at YouTube where very strange sounds pervading the scene being filmed are heard.  

Whether that is a major development in the “real” world, or a 
creative arts product, is something that will be examined here.  (I suspect there will be many examinations of creative story lines like this over the remaining months of this year.).  Also, I have already seen the UFO and ancient alien folks characterizing the return of Bolon Yokte as the returning of extraterrestrials.  There will be a chronicling of what is being written and said about this notion.

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