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The Republicans help set stage for Obama landslide…..

February 17, 2012

Even Republican leaders and pundits have called the Republican battle for the party’s nomination for President a “clown show”.

The national head to head polls now show Rick Santorum slightly ahead of Mitt Romney in his childhood state of Michigan, a state he was expected to win with ease. Conservatives have a hard time in accepting Romney as they see his prior record and statements and, upon hearing what he is saying now, conclude that he is not really one of them.

People are doing the math for the remaining hunt for delegates and odds seem to be increasing for a brokered and open convention with perhaps a late entry into the race. This has not happened for a really long time.

With the economy improving and our involvement in Afghanistqn winding down and so many other factors, the polls are showing Obama with a comfortable lead nationally as well as in ten of the eleven swing states.

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