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Flower Power (and Daffodil Explosion), Point Arena 2012

March 11, 2012

This is the third year of a new Point Arena springtime festival. Yesterday, the City and many residents set up various activities in town… was somewhat drizzly then but more daffodil bulbs are flowering with each passing year and thus lighting up the sides of the roads and other places.

The Berkeley Kite Wranglers lofted many large kites the first year and last year they lofted none at all due to heavy rains for the last day, Sunday, events of this festival centered at the Lighthouse. Up until 11:30 am today, they had eight kites up for awhile, all of the smaller ones due to the light winds not allowing for lofting the heavier, and larger, kites. As I write this now, 2pm, I have not seen any pickup in winds since then (in the general area). When I was with 16 out of towners on a free tour up to the top of the Lighthouse, from 11:30 to noon, there was no wind and the kites were again laid out on the ground.

To see one of the articles I wrote at Third Eye on Reno, reporting on the first Flower Power and Daffodil Explosion festival in Point Arena in 2010, go here:

You can find related articles in the vicinity of that one.

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