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The Occupy Movement….

March 19, 2012

An Occupy Ukiah strategy, etc. regular meeting on a January Saturday morning, located downtown at the plaza.

The Occupy Wall Street movement, often casually represented as a left wing version of the Tea Party Movement, began six months ago and spread through the intervening months to locations all over the country, including the little county seat city of Ukiah in Mendocino.

I am not clear on what is happening now in many locations, as the agendas in each place varies, but it seems many Occupy activists are focusing on misdeeds by banks in foreclosing on homes.

On March 12th in Ukiah about thirty Occupy activists demonstrated outside the Recorders office on Low Gap Rd. In Ukiah, not targeting the friendly and helpful folks in that office but the banks that fraudulently produced notarized statements with fake signatures, etc.

I learned this last night by watching a new show called Occupy Ukiah on the local public access channel. Host Charlie Vaughan reported on other actions being taken by the local Occupy contingent (for updates, see

There is the campaign to oppose the expansion of the local WalMart
with the addition of what amounts to a grocery supermarket, and the hours going to 24/7, was encouraged by the Planning Commission saying no to that. The city council has the final word.

Vaughan also discussed the Move to Amend petition effort attempting to end the granting of corporate personhood and to reverse the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling allowing these so called “persons” unlimited ability to exercise their free speech by injecting tons of money into the political process through SuperPACs. This allows them to profoundly affect the upcoming political battles.

The local group is also focusing on shutting down the two remaining nuclear power plants in California. They have a petition circulating on that also, which basicly urges that we “stop using nuclear reactors to boil water” and instead invest further in clean energy production based on renewable sources.

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