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First Quarter wrap up…..

April 14, 2012

It is almost tax day, and here we are on some fronts:

Last month (March), stunning heat waves saw high temperature records being broken all throughout the United States…..

Mitt Romney is now the “inevitable” nominee of the Republicans. Because Rick Santorum drove the discussion to things like contraception, pushing Mitt to promoting culturally conservative stuff not his usual “thing”, Obama has a double digit lead among women (18%), is leading (according to three polls now) anywhere from 7 to 9 percent among independents in 12 swing states, has a double digit lead nationally, and right now seems on track for a landslide….

They juiced it up at CERN’s Hadron Particle Collider a few days ago and we may see confirmation of the Higgs Boson this year. Late last year, suggestive signs already had manifested…..

No signs of the Bolon Yokte yet. -:) They had more on all this last night on the History Channel’s Ancient Alien series. The Ancient Alien guys (Philip, David, Giorgio, etc) seem quite confident that the nine gods (i.e. extraterrestrials) are likely on their way. Also possibly on our way are either life changing or life ending events…..

Space X, a private space company, has a contract to deliver cargo to the space station and will be doing their first mission soon……

The Kepler satellite has discovered planets recently in the “habitable zone” around some stars……

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